Planning a virtual Staff party?

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HMRC has confirmed that where all normal conditions are met, virtual events CAN be included when considering the £150 annual event exemption for staff events. So if you’re thinking about a festive ‘thank you’ for your team, that’s one less hurdle to consider!

What conditions must you meet?

  • The event must be annual.
  • It must be made available to all employees, or all in a particular location if you have more than one.
  • The total cost must be less than £150 per head.

The cost calculation is key.

All costs must be included, so make sure to take account of everything that forms part of the event, which may include entertainment, food and drink, any transport, and VAT. If any non-employees attend, they would be included with your employees in the ‘per head’ calculation.

If you exceed the £150 per head allowance, the whole amount becomes taxable, so be careful with your planning!

It’s going to need some creativity this year, but it is still possible to have some fun with your team as we head towards Christmas.


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