Perfect is over-rated!

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Our BaranovTV episodes go out every week. Every Friday at 3.30pm to be exact. So there’s usually one to be recorded, uploaded or that’s waiting for its captions to come from I’m always looking for suitable content while I’m out, but this week when inspiration struck, I held the phone the wrong way round, and only realised when I got back to the office.

It’s not ideal, as it looks wrong. There are two black areas on each side of the video once it’s been uploaded to our website, to Vimeo and to YouTube. I’m disappointed as I’m usually so careful to make sure nothing detracts from the content!

Now what do I do?

  1. I could rerecord the video from the office, but it might lose the impact of the location.
  2. I could drive back to the location, or go somewhere else and ‘pretend’ I’m there (given the original location is an hour away!).
  3. I could just add a note to the video when I upload it, and stick with the original.

Having looked at it, and thought about it, I’m going to go with the last option, option 3, for the following reasons:

  1. BaranovTV is supposed to be designed to ‘help your business grow’ and sometimes life happens! The camera was the wrong way around, but no-one died. In the scheme of things, does it matter that there are black areas on each side of the screen? I don’t think so.
  2. I think there’s valid content in the message within the video, and just have to hope my viewers see that too, rather than focussing on the black areas!
  3. Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m not immune. Given BaranovTV is designed to show that we’re real people, and more than just box-tickers, this may not be a bad thing!
  4. I simply have other things to do that will make more difference to our business than to rerecord it.

It’s really easy not to do things, and to spend too long on perfecting our emails, videos, services or products to refine them and tweak them.

None of them will help our businesses though, if they don’t get out into the world.

So Episode 73, due to be published here at 3.30pm on 19th July, won’t be quite right. It’s filmed the wrong way round for some bizarre reason, but please see past that if you watch it!

What are you sitting on at the moment that isn’t quite right? Would it really be so bad if you just hit send, or launched as you are? Something to think about perhaps?

Oh, and this is what you can expect from Episode 73… Oh dear! 🥴

Image of Liz Baranov, from Episode 73 of BaranovTV for Blog post 'Perfect is over-rated!'

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