P11D Tax payments are due soon!

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P11Ds are the next in the annual cycle of submissions required by HMRC. A P11D becomes necessary if you provide your employees or Directors any benefits or expenses, such as company cars, accommodation costs, health insurance and travel expenses. You can find out more here.

As we’ve mentioned before, the deadline for filing your P11D(b) with HMRC was the 6th July, but any related Class 1A National Insurance liability must be paid by the 19th July.

This deadline can be extended to the 22nd July 2021 if you pay by direct transfer.

To pay this liability please go to https://www.gov.uk/pay-class-1a-national-insurance and follow the instructions for your chosen method of payment.

What reference should I use to make my payment?

If we prepared your P11Ds and P11D(b) for you, you can find the first part of your reference at the top of the P11D(b) that we sent you. You’ll need the 13 digit Accounts Office Reference.

You’ll then need to add ‘2113’ to the end of this 13 digit reference. These additional digits denote the tax year (21) and the month that HMRC should allocate funds against, in this case, 13, for year end.

What if I can’t make the payment?

If you’d like to speak to HMRC to make an arrangement to pay this in instalments as a result of the impact of Coronavirus on your business, you can contact them by calling 0800 024 1222. They’re open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

If you’ve got any questions around P11Ds, National Insurance or benefits in general, please get in touch. It sounds a far more complex subject than it needs to be!


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