Is it really coming home?

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Henry Ford is often quoted as having said ‘You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do’, and if he actually said it, he was quite right! As business owners we’re all often guilty of procrastinating and faffing so that nothing actually goes out.

  • The email to our customers doesn’t go.
  • The new webpages don’t get finalised.
  • The blog post stay unpublished.
  • The new designs don’t get sent to print.

We tweak and refine until finally it’s too late; the opportunity has gone…

A huge percentage of the population will be holding its breath this evening, willing Gareth Southgate and his team to do what has seemed impossible to many of us for many years.

The Semi-final of the World Cup kicks off at 7pm and England are in it!

I know that’s an obvious statement given the viewing figures across the last two matches, yet the fact that it’s a HUGE event means that it’s an ideal subject to use as a topic for communicating with your customers and contacts. (Do you see what I’ve done there?!)

The reality though is that very few of the emails and other marketing that I’ve received recently have mentioned the football. I would imagine there are probably business owners who are still tweaking as The Day dawns.

By 9pm tonight it could all be too late….

If you have anything on the drawing board this morning, NOW is the time to get it done and get it out. Not tomorrow, though I sincerely hope that you’ll get another chance! Stop faffing and think of Henry Ford!

Oh, and enjoy the football – with a clear conscience.

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