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From 4th December 2023 Quickbooks are increasing their prices for new customers. 

Existing Quickbooks users with an Online Essentials, Plus, or Advanced subscription will see an increase to their charges from 15th January 2024.

Why are prices increasing?

Quickbooks has explained the increases by saying that ‘supporting the needs of small businesses owners and mid-market customers, especially in the face of shifting and changing markets, is our singular focus. We are adjusting QBO prices to align with the market and so we can continue to invest in the product.’

The new prices, excluding VAT, are as follows:

ProductCurrent Standard PriceNew Standard Monthly Price effective 4th December 2023New Standard Annual Price effective 4th December 2023
Payroll per employee fee£1£1.30N/A

Are there any exceptions to the increase?

Yes! The exceptions are as follows: 

  • If you’re currently on a promotional discount, your price won’t change until your promotion period expires. When the promotion expires, the monthly subscription rate will be adjusted to match the new prices, above.
  • There will be a delay to the price increase for any subscriptions purchased between 15th July 2023 and 14th January 2024. These purchases will remain at the current price until the 7th month after the initial purchase date.

What about Quickbooks Online Payroll?

The per employee cost of QuickBooks Payroll for direct customers purchasing from the website will increase by 30p to £1.30. This came into effect on the 4th December 2023. There will be no change to the standard monthly subscription cost. 

For those clients where we hold the subscription, we’ll pass on the increased price only once it appears on our monthly statement. We collect these payments in arrears, so it’s nice and easy!

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