How Chinese tourists are repaying one business owner…

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It’s hard to make money in a business that traditionally has low margins. You have to go for high volume to generate significant income, and that can be tough to maintain. One Yorkshire Fish and Chip shop has found a great way to do just that by encouraging Chinese visitors!

Scotts Fish and Chips near York has been receiving visits from over 100 Chinese visitors each week who want to try our classic dish, sparked by a visit by their President Xi Jinping with David Cameron.

The story is interesting in its own right, but the thing that caught my eye was the effort that Scotts have gone to, to make sure this level of interest continues.

What have they done?

  1. Translated their menu into Mandarin
  2. Launched a Mandarin website
  3. Launched a messaging app on one of China’s most popular social media platforms

This is seriously impressive, given that most Fish and Chip shops typically wouldn’t do much more than have an A-board outside the front door!

Why is this so clever?

Scotts have done the hard work to make the selling easy.

They’ve made an effort to make their Fish and Chip shop the one that the Chinese tourists want to visit. They’ve made their menu accessible and demonstrated that they want these customers to come to them.

The lovely thing is that they’re finding the Chinese are very happy customers too; what a win!


Most businesses don’t have coachloads of Chinese tourists arriving, but there ARE usually things that you can do to make the eventual sale easier. Have you thought about how you could make some additional up-front effort to make the actual sale process easier in your business? It may be well worthwhile…


You can read the original article here.

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