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Grant Thornton recently announced that their employees will be able to move their Bank Holiday leave to dates that may be more suitable to their culture, lifestyle and preference. It’s a shrewd move, as these dates are traditionally associated with our religious festivals such as Christmas and Easter, and take no notice of other religious holidays such as Eid, Diwali, or other cultural events such as Pride.

Allowing employees to ‘flex’ these days is far more inclusive and, Grant Thornton says, enables them to celebrate ‘the holidays and observances that are central to their religion, ethnicity, cultural heritage, or other parts of their identity’.

It gives employees the chance to celebrate the key dates they choose, but it’s also a really shrewd move in the current labour market where the employee has all of the power.

  • In the last month, the number of employees on a payroll increased by nearly 250,000. That’s a record monthly rise.
  • There are a record number of vacancies for jobs across the country.

It’s way more expensive to recruit a new member to your team, to induct them and train them in your way of doing things than it may be to give existing employees good reasons to stay with you.

Grant Thornton’s stance on Bank Holidays is a step on that path.

If you have a team to consider, it could be a really smart idea to spend some time talking to them about what they’d like to see within their workplace, and what you can do to keep them satisfied, fulfilled and feeling loved, so they stay with you and you avoid the stress of recruitment.

The best HR advisors are already talking to their client businesses about this, as they’ve already spotted the potential problems coming down the track towards employers. Battered by Covid, the last thing small businesses need is to be left short staffed and struggling to find the right people to help them rebound.

If you’re unsure of where to start with this, or how perhaps to improve your culture with a mixed team with diverse motivations and a small budget, speak to your HR advisor and get their advice and ideas first. The old phrase ‘a stitch in time’ might just save you from a painful few months of recruitment.


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