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At a time when small businesses are looking for ways to make their revenue stretch, the Government has launched an online tool to make it easier for them to find information about grants and funding. The new ‘Find a Grant’ service has been opened to all businesses.

Initially launched as a pilot for 450 Government Grant Community members, there are currently 24 Government grants listed. Using the site, you can search for a grant that matches your requirements, shows eligibility criteria and application instructions. The description of each grant includes a brief description, the value of the grant available, the funding total and the closing date for applications.

The full service will be launched in March 2023, by which time it’s hoped that all Government Grants will be listed. During this time an alert system for new grants will be added, and improvements will be made to the search functionality.

Lucia Webster from the Grants Applicant Programme, said: ‘Over the last three months we have worked with the Government Grants Community – from the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and small to medium-sized businesses – on the early functionality. In the latest release you can test the ability to browse, search and filter for a grant – and sign up for basic notifications.

‘All of these grants are live or are about to open, covering a wide range of schemes from support for workplace electric car charge points to support with international trade. Should you wish to apply for any, you can. At the moment, you will be taken to the existing grant maker’s application site.’

You can access Find a Grant here.

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