Fee Protection is now included as standard!

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Every year HMRC subject a growing number of submissions from small businesses to intense scrutiny, often without cause and without recovering more tax. This can be a huge cost to the business, both in fees for defending their position, but also in terms of time and worry. Our Fee Protection scheme enables us to fight our clients’ corner and gives them peace of mind. It is included in our services without additional cost.

There will always be a need for HMRC to query Returns to reduce evasion, but the resulting headache for many is unjustified. It is frustrating when there is no error found that there need be no explanation for HMRC’s selection process. This is very often entirely random.

What is Fee Protection?

Fee protection covers our time costs up to £100,000 in representing our clients during an enquiry or a dispute with HMRC. This enables us to use our existing client knowledge to swiftly conclude any enquiry. We can also easily explain the treatment of certain figures, clarify any queries raised, or attend any meetings that may be required.

What does our Fee Protection scheme include?

Cover extends to any compliance check started by HMRC regarding:

  • Income tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • PAYE
  • National insurance
  • VAT
  • IR35
  • Construction industry
  • National Minimum Wage or Gift Aid Legislation and Regulations

Though there are alternative schemes these often call in third parties who have no prior knowledge of the clients’ affairs. These are very much a ‘halfway house’ between having no such cover and the scheme we have opted for. We believe that clients need every support available to enable them to concentrate on their business and this is another way we can offer more.

Talking of more, membership of the scheme includes more than ‘just’ our support should HMRC become overly inquisitive! It also includes unlimited access to business helplines as follows:

Commercial Legal Advice Line – Highly experienced solicitors can provide advice on a wide range of topics relating to business law. The team have particular experience in tribunals, contracts, commercial, intellectual property, landlord and tenant and litigation.

Employment Law Advice Line – Access to the country’s leading specialists in Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety. They offer advice on all Employment Law- related issues, acting as an outsourced HR team. They will provide commercial aware advice on all matters relating to employees and their welfare.

Commercial Safety Advice Line – Dedicated Business Safety Experts, the team will ensure that the right documents are in place to prove compliance with Health & Safety legislation.

We’re really pleased to have our Fee Protection scheme in place and know that it will provide a tangible additional benefit to our clients! Find out more here.

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