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Many of our clients and contacts were very appreciative of the information and guidance that we sent out during the height of Lockdown, and gave us some very positive feedback during our various conversations.

Now that things are a little calmer, we’ve realised that we probably should have asked at the time for those contacts to let us have a 5-star Google review, so that other people and potential clients can see for themselves the kind of support we provided during such a difficult time.

SO we thought we’d ask now!

If you found our support helpful, whether it was our emails, a conversation or advice around finance, we’d love it if you could follow the link below and leave us a Review over the next few days.

It’s really easy to do – I promise! 

You just follow this link, and share why you were glad to hear from us and how it helped, or is helping, you and your business.

Unsure what to say?

I know, being faced with a blank screen is daunting isn’t it?

In the last few days, we’ve had the following reviews added to Google – why not have a read of these and see if there’s anything similar that you’d like to comment on?

Failing that, a simple 5-star review without a commentary would be lovely to have!

Alan wrote:

Always very helpful and willing to provide advice to businesses especially during the recent uncertainty. I am not currently a client, I would look to Liz and her team should I ever need to change my advisors. The depth of knowledge and comprehensive advice they have provided directly, through online business groups and in their regular newsletters has been really useful, its all something that you would not normally expect from your accountant that’s for sure.

Yohan said:

Liz and Chris have been my accountants for several years and they’ve really shone during the Covid-19 lockdown. Chris set up a call with me to discuss the effects of the lockdown on businesses, and gave me some great advice and things to think about. Liz, in turn, has provided regular email and video updates of the latest Covid-related support schemes, and the ‘little things’ to watch out for that aren’t always expressly explained. Despite the disruption, Baranov Associates have responded to all of my queries quickly, patiently, and professionally, and I genuinely can’t think of anything they could do better.

Sandra posted:

Always quick to respond to queries or requests for help but during the Covid outbreak they gave such brilliant support. Every day keeping us up to date. I’m not sure I’d have found my way through the maze of information without the support offered by Liz and Chris. A massive thank you to them both.


Hopefully that helps with a little inspiration. If so, and you’d like to help us, please just follow this link .

Thank you in advance! 😊

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