Beware the Scammers!

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Trading Standards are increasingly receiving reports from consumers about suspicious text messages or recorded messages they’ve received.

These messages come in various forms, claiming to be:

  • From a bank asking you to confirm a transaction – which hasn’t taken place – or to verify your account details.
  • From HMRC or your local Council advising that you are entitled to a tax refund, or that a case of tax fraud has been registered against you.
  • That your device has been paired with an unknown bank account.
  • From a supermarket claiming you have won a prize draw.

These messages and calls will often prompt you to click on a link, visit a bogus website or press certain buttons on your phone for more information or for you to action further.

These types of messages are scams, designed to obtain your personal information and bank account details.

NEVER click on a link in a suspicious text message you were not expecting to receive. If you are worried about anything relating to your own bank accounts, contact your bank directly to confirm whether the message is genuine or not.

Do not respond to the messages yourself.

HMRC do NOT contact taxpayers by email or text, and will not contact you in either way to discuss a refund or late payment. This type of contact is usually a scam, so please do not follow any links that may be included, and delete the text or email. If you’re unsure, please feel free to send the email or an image of the text on to us to review for you.

This article tells you how to report fraudulent calls, which we would recommend.

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