Xero Expenses App Solves the Receipts Nightmare!

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When you’ve been out & about the last thing you want to do is have to worry about all of the receipts that you’ve shoved into a pocket, the dashboard of the car, or your laptop case. The new Xero Expenses App is a brilliant solution, for business owners on the move as well as their team. Watch this to find out more!


Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow.

Now as you may have gathered or may be able to tell, I’m actually in a hotel room at the moment, we’re away. We’re actually up at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole for an Entrepreneurs Circle event. We came up yesterday and we were at a networking event last night and then it’s the full-day event today.

We were here, so we’ve got the hotel room to pay for and we had a meal last night, and there’s diesel as we filled up on the way and there will possibly be a couple of drinks on the way home this evening. (Just hot chocolate, nothing stronger!)

But all of those things made me think about expenses, and how we’ve been using the new Xero Expenses App over the last couple of weeks. It was launched in Australia and New Zealand and a few other places about five months ago and it’s only just been launched in the UK.

It’s brilliant!

We’ve been using it a lot and we’re raving about it to clients, so we wanted to make sure that you’re fully aware of it. You can do away with paper receipts; you take a photo of the receipt, you enter the information onto your phone or through the app whilst you’re travelling.

It means that you don’t have to remember to bring those pieces of paper out of the car if you’re filling up with diesel. You don’t have to remember to process all of those, fish them all out of briefcases, wallets, handbags, wherever they may get buried. You don’t have to file them. You do them as you go.

You can also, the big thing, I think, is you can also set up access to the App for your team. So if you have a team, or just anybody who goes and buys any type of supplies, so it could be going to buy coffee, it could be for filling up with diesel or petrol, it could be any type of expenses. They can actually do it on the way and that saves them processing batches of receipts at a given point in a month, so losing an hour, even more, over a month.

It can also mean that you can see what’s going on over the month. If there’s anything untoward, you can rein it in, and you could authorise their expense claims very very quickly.

So if you haven’t already had a look at the Xero Expenses App, then please do. The last time we looked, which was a few days ago, you’re still having to apply to be on the fast track. It’s well worth doing.

Any problems, as ever, do get in touch, because we can talk you through it. But it is brilliant, and it’s going to save everybody a massive amount of time.

I’ll leave you with that thought, and I’ll see you very soon.

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