My personal plea to annual suppliers!

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Forgive me making this episode personal, but I have a pet peeve, and I thought I’d share it with you this week! PLEASE don’t fall into this trap…


Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow.

About three years ago, Chris and I had artificial grass laid in our back garden. You can see behind me, it is even after the weather that we’ve had this summer it looks beautiful still. It’s really nice and green in comparison to a lot of people’s bare, brown, sun-ruined gardens really.

The thing with this is that it needs an annual service.

They come in, they spray weed killer, they brush it, they get rid of all of the bits that are really down within what they call the thatch of the artificial grass and it just spruces up again nicely for another year.

We also have a wood-burning stove indoors and that needs to be serviced every year. They clean the flue and they clean it out and check it all to make sure it’s all fine and ready for the Autumn really.

So each year, I have to have both of these things done and every year, I have to chase the suppliers.

Now don’t get me wrong, they’re really nice people and they do a fab job, really cost-effective and all of those things. However, it would make my life much easier as a customer if they actually diarised that every August they come and sort things out. So they come and sort the stove and the guy comes and does the grass.

But they never do.

My point really this episode is really to say, do you have a similar thing in your business? A recurring task that your customers are having to do where they’re having to remind you to take their business. We do it with tax returns and that sort of stuff. It IS slightly different but we remind clients that we need their information.

Have a think about the areas in your business where there’s recurring opportunities really, for you to encourage your customers to remember you and to give you money.

That’s the sum total of my episode this week. I’m going to leave you there and I’ll see you all very soon.

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