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We talked recently about awards, now I’ve got something to add, that will make things easier still! Watch this to find out more…


Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow.

This week I wanted to show you these to start off with. These are our certificates that we received for having reached the finalists selection for the National Entrepreneur Awards for both Best Business Enabler and Most Impressive Growth.

These came through I suppose about 10 days or so ago and we’re really pleased to have them!

Although we don’t have a public office wall to put them up on, they will be taking pride of place somewhere within our office here, or either Chris’ room or mine; I’m not quite sure which, we’ll fight over them! We’re really pleased to get them and obviously they are things that we can use in our PR and we can use when talking to prospective clients and will be on the website as well. They do set us apart and establish our credibility as a practice and a firm that we really know our stuff.

If somebody is looking to develop their business and if we’ve managed to get to that level for managing our own growth, then obviously there are things that we can pass on to clients who are looking to grow as well.

So, they help us and I know I talked about awards and the benefits of them in an earlier episode, but what I wanted to do was mention a website to all of you. You may be thinking about awards and a way of finding awards that may be relevant to your business and that is ‘‘.

It’s a really good place to have a look for awards that may be of interest to your industry or to potential customers or clients that you might want to increase your credibility with. I would strongly recommend that you have a look to work out which ones might be of interest to you. It shows all the entry dates, the deadlines and things and the criteria. There’s links through from this site to the sites of the actual awards themselves, so it might be a really easy way of finding some awards that would be worthwhile going for.

If you do decide to go for some, do let us know, let us know how you get on, keep us posted.

We do know that we’ve got a couple of clients who’ve been up for awards recently and it’s really exciting from our perspective as well. We’ve obviously always got everything crossed for all of you if you do go in for any and obviously if we can help in any way, then let us know.

In the meantime, good luck with whatever awards you decide to go in for. As I say, keep us posted and we’ll see you all very soon.

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