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If you’re creating content for your Wordpress website, you might as well get the most out of that effort! Today I’m here to let you into the secret to getting your content to rank as highly as possible…

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Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow.

Regardless of how you get hold of your customers and what frequency you need to make sure that they’re coming through to you, one of the best ways of actually getting information out and educating your potential clients is to have some content going onto your website. So it may be a blog post, it could be that you’re feeding people those links through social media and encouraging them to go back to your website.

Now that’s great and you could be doing that through social media.

You could be doing that through paid methods, so Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

If they’re going back to your website though and you’re putting content onto your website it makes good sense to be actually having that information ranking as well within Google, in terms of their organic listings rather than their paid listings, as highly as possible too.

And the number one way of making sure that your SEO is working as well as possible on your website is by using a Yoast plug in, which is a free plug in for use with word press websites.

And I thought I’d just have a quick whistle stop tour of how to make your pages rank as well as possible within Yoast, because WordPress is so popular and it’s a real lost opportunity if you don’t make sure that you’re maximizing that because it’s entirely free, and we like free!

So to make sure that your blog pages are ranking organically as well as possible you need to make sure that your pages each have a unique title and all of your images have a unique title as well, and that’s known as a meta-description.

Now you need to make sure that those are on there. Your web developer may have those on there, he may not, and the best person to write those is somebody from internally in your business so that you know what those titles should be and what they’re likely to be used in and what people are going to be using to search for them to make sure that that works.

These titles enable Google to understand what information is on each page and why it should be ranking them, so you need to make sure that that’s really quite relevant. The meta-description is the description of that page, so it shows from in Yoast, it tells Google what’s actually on that page.

And you can make sure, Yoast takes you through how to do this, but it makes sure it’s the right length and it’s optimised for Google. So it makes sure that you’re actually showing the right information to Google to make it find your pages. The readability analysis also comes up on the Yoast plug in, and it actually shows you the best way to structure your blog post to make it readable.

Google will prefer to show pages that will answer the question effectively, and that will be easy to read so it’s easy to get the information out of it. So if you use the readability ideas from Yoast it will take you through making sure that your page is readable.

  • It will tell you if you’ve got too many words without subheadings
  • It will suggest you might want to change your phraseology slightly.
  • It might be improved if you use bullet points, for example, and try to use some bold type to break it up to make it much more readable.

If you can follow the tips, which are really straight forward, it can make a huge difference to the readability to your story or your article.

The SEO analysis is the really important part, and this is just another section within Yoast, and it gives you either a green, an orange, or a red indicator.

Now obviously red is not good!

And when you start off it will probably show you a red one, but it will tell you what you might want to do to improve your SEO ranking.

  • It could say to you you haven’t used your search term often enough, or you’ve used it too often
  • It could be you haven’t got enough text and you need more text to include.

There are lots of different options that you can use that Yoast will suggest to you to improve that ranking and make that go from red, to orange, and then to green.

And that’s the same with readability, it’ll go from red, to orange, to green too.

Once you’ve turned those icons to green your rankings will improve, and if you’ve got a lot of content it really pays dividends to go through this process and do it.

Yes, you can outsource it if you’ve got somebody that’s doing your website for you and maintaining your content, but you will need to make sure that they understand what you’re trying to achieve with each post. It may just be that when you send them each post and they put that together and upload it you want to include some snippets for Yoast as well, and bare that in mind.

Now Yoast is as I say entirely free.

I would ask your web developer if it is on your  site if you have a WordPress site. And just make sure that they’re aware that you are interested. They should have mentioned it to you anyway, and most web developers will make sure that if you’ve got a WordPress site you are using Yoast or an equivalent to make sure that your pages and your content that you’re putting a lot of effort into is actually paying as many dividends as it can.

Don’t get confused by it, just take it slowly through. Get a half an hour, 20 minute even, explanation from your web developer and it’s really quite straight forward once you get into the hang of it.

I’d love to know how you get on, so do let me know, otherwise I’ll see you very soon.

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