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From 15th September 2022, Xero plan prices will increase as follows:

  • Starter plans increase by £2 a month to £14 a month
  • Standard plans increase by £2 a month to £28 a month
  • Premium plans increase by £3 a month to £36 a month

If you have a current Xero discount or promo code, it will continue to be applied to the new pricing, until the discount or code expires.

If we hold your subscription on your behalf, we will continue to pass on the increased price at cost, without uplift. The increase will show in our invoice at the end of September, and we will amend our invoices to you to include the enhanced rate from your October invoice onwards.

If you hold your own subscription, you will see the increased rate in your next invoice after the 15th September.

To check which pricing plan you’re on, log into Xero, open your Xero account and check the ‘Subscription’ column.

Xero have explained that this price change will help them continue to respond quickly with the tools and services businesses need to operate efficiently in changing environments, and improve Xero for customers now and in the future.

Whilst we appreciate that increased prices aren’t positive, we’d still highly recommend Xero as a great software option for small businesses. Part of this recommendation is as a result of the continued development of the software, which has included areas such as MTD, and of course Furlough during the pandemic, as well as the ongoing improvements such as those we announced recently in the Quarterly Product update. It’s only by having the resources in hand that Xero will be able to continue to respond in this way.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the Xero Pricing Changes, your subscription pricing, of the software in general.

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