Xero Invoice Reminders issue

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Xero have warned that some scheduled invoice reminders may not have been sent as due during May. The issue with the Xero Invoice Reminders system only affected some organisations for reminders due between the 10th and 14th May. The issue has now been resolved, and all reminders since 15th May have been processed.

What should you do?

Given that cash flow should be a primary focus at the moment, it’s likely that you’ve already chased the payment since these dates.

If you haven’t, we’d recommend that you review the invoices’s ‘history and notes’ to check when the last reminder was sent. You can manually re-send the invoice as a reminder if you were affected by the problem.

You can find the processes to follow for each action above, as follows:

Though this is an extremely rare occurrence within Xero, you might find that a different approach to debt chasing may be more effective for the future. The functionality of the standard Xero Invoice Reminders works well, but there are other options that are easy to set-up and that are extremely cost effective.

If you’d like to chat about those, please get in touch. As we’ve said before, looking after your cash is going to be of paramount importance as we come out of Lockdown, and we’re here to help with that if we can!

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