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As most of you are aware, we include a Premium Dext (previously ReceiptBank) licence in our standard fee package for all clients. We do this not because it’s helpful for us, as it is purely an extra cost, but because there are huge benefits to be had!

The software is now ten years old, and Dext have sent us some statistics, which we thought we’d share:

ReceiptBank 10th Anniversary Stats

As you can see, we only have 14 clients using Dext, who’ve started using it at various points in the last few years. Between them they’ve submitted a pretty hefty 6,463 transactions, which have fed straight into their bookkeeping systems.

  • That means their bookkeepers have been saved from manually keying all of those entries, and have been able to do other things instead.
  • There will have been a much higher level of consistency, and far fewer errors on those entries.
  • They also haven’t had to file all the paperwork that relates to those transactions, as the system holds copies automatically.

We signed up to Dext in 2018, but to be honest, didn’t really talk to clients about it very much until the Autumn of 2019.

At that point though, we had a bit of an epiphany and that was when we rolled the licence fee into our standard fee package; we didn’t want clients to miss out on the opportunity because they felt the price was prohibitive!

Those clients that have taken the leap have loved the results, and would never go back, except to wish they’d done it sooner….

Receiptbank Testimonial


We know that now is not necessarily a natural time to be making changes, but if you’re quieter than you would usually be, now could be the time to get things in place to be as efficient as possible for the future.

Here are some of the questions we’re asked about ReceiptBank, and our answers…

What bookkeeping systems does Dext integrate with?

Xero, Quickbooks, Freeagent, Sage and Kashflow can all integrate with Dext, so your data will flow directly into your primary system.

How do I get information into Dext?

  • You can use an app that’s on your phone to take a photo and send it into the system.
  • You can import multiple CSVs of information into the system.
  • You can email PDF’s directly into your Dext system using a unique email address, or give that email to your suppliers, and you don’t need to worry at all!
  • You could also have up to 20 users, with different logins for each one.

Are there any usage limits?

With the premium licence that we offer, the direct cost would be £40+VAT per month, which gives you up to 3,000 transactions. That should be enough for most of our clients!

Is it easy to use?

Yes! We’re always looking for ways to make your lives as easy as possible, but don’t take our word for it! Have a look at the following video from Dext. A picture tells a thousand words, so click below to see for yourself…

RB Video Image


If you’d like to know more, do get in touch. As I mentioned above, there is no benefit to us of promoting Dext. We’re not resellers, we earn no commission, we have no usage targets, but we do think that it can make life so much easier for busy business owners, or their team!


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