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Whilst we can work with various software packages, Xero is both the most common amongst our clients and also our preferred option. It’s so user friendly and constantly being revised and refined, with over 800 Apps to supplement the software if needed. Given that we advocate for the system, it was great to receive two simple gifts from Xero at the recent XeroCon event at London’s Excel.

Firstly, we were invited to take part in a Co-Design project before XeroCon got underway.

This was a mixed group of bookkeepers and accountants who use the system, from a wide range of firms. We all had different challenges, client needs and focuses, but the common thread was that we understood Xero’s system well.

The goal of the session was to help the Xero Product Development team to develop their guidelines for the new product. These would go back to New Zealand with them, and be the guiding principles for their future work. Through the use of key questions, feedback obtained from other regions, such as America and Australia and planned activities, there were lots of features and requirements identified!

Throughout the session, whilst the Product team were focused on getting to their goal, they were also extremely interested to pick up on various other comments made between the group, stopping us at several points to clarify our thoughts, and making notes.

It was really encouraging to see in practice the passion for making the software as user friendly as possible.

So what was our first gift?

For each of the participants, a Cadbury Koala Caremello (a chocolate Koala filled with Caramel, which was very sweet but lovely!) and a packet of TimTams. These were like Penguin chocolate biscuits but the chocolate was much nicer!

Small things, but specific to New Zealand, unavailable in the UK, and lovely to receive.

Our second gift was smaller, but far more valuable.

As I mentioned before, we love Xero.

For it’s ease, the accompanying culture and the way it has enabled us to structure our business to suit our goals.

To make sure that we can give the best service to all of our Xero clients, we wanted to make sure that we are both Xero Accredited. This means that we’ve both completed our Xero training, and will complete ongoing training to make sure that we retain this over time, and learn about the new uptakes and features.

Our second gift from Xero was a simple badge each that denotes our accreditation, as below.

Xero Accreditation pins for Blog post '

We proudly added these to our lanyards!

To find out more about Xero, please get in touch; we love it but will only recommend it if it’s going to be right for you and for your business. We will also help you get the very most from the system, using the built in functionality or the bolt-on Apps if necessary.

If you’re already using the system but wonder if there is an easier way to complete your current processes, please ask. If you have files of paper records or complete manual entry of information, there are very simple ways to make your life far easier!

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