We’re (finally!) on the move!


As all of our clients are aware, we’re on the move! After family events last year, which are ongoing, we’re spending a lot of time driving up and down to County Durham, and need the peace of mind that being closer will bring. 

Our eventual destination will be Kirkby Stephen, a lovely little market town in Cumbria. For a couple who love to get out into the hills, it’s in a perfect location, set between the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the Pennines. It also reduces our drive to Chris’s Dad by well over four hours each way!

As the build is taking far longer than originally thought though, we’ve had to come up with an interim option or we ran the risk of losing our incredibly patient buyers. We’re therefore moving to a rental property in the village of Orton for a while.

What will that mean to clients?

The only impact of the move will be an interim postal address, and then a further amendment when we get into the new build. Even our office telephone number will still work, as we use a VOIP system. We do have a new number that’s already set up, but we’re keeping things as simple as possible!

Both the new address and new telephone number are shown below.

Every other aspect of the business will remain unchanged. You have our mobile numbers and obviously we already know that Zoom and Teams work well!

We’d love to continue to work with all of our current clients, and have been very pleased that so many want to continue to work with us!  On a practical level, we’ve always worked with clients all over the country, and have the tech in place to make that easy. 

When will you move?

We’re starting the process on Monday 18th July. As we’re splitting our belongings between a (smaller) rental property and storage, the movers have estimated it’s going to take four days to get everything packed, up to Cumbria and unloaded. We’ll therefore be mainly offline from Monday 18th July to Friday 22nd July.

As ever, we’ll have the mobiles with us and will check emails, but please bear with us during this period!

We’re still not sure about a date for the onward, final move but will let you know more as soon as we do and will give you as much notice as we can.

What impact will the move have on my Accounts or Tax Return?

Hopefully none at all!

There may well be a few days around the move when we are inevitably slower to respond, or the mobiles go to voicemail, but please leave us a message and we’ll come back to you just as quickly as we can. Liz’s parents are moving North with us, and the current plan is for us to move and then to support them through their move, so it’s a little more involved than if we were moving alone.

Thanks to our extremely helpful telephony provider Broadband is already in place at Orton, so there should be limited down time once we can get the desks and computers in place.

What happens to my Registered Office?

If we act as your Registered Office, we have a plan!

We didn’t want to move our own Registered Office to a rental property that may stand empty once we move to Kirkby Stephen, so have arranged with a local solicitor that they will act as our Registered Office. They are also providing this service for any of our clients who would like them to do so until our new build is ready. We have arranged this with them on behalf of existing Registered Office Clients, to keep things as easy as possible.

We’ve let clients have the interim details already and taken care of the amendments at Companies House.

Please ensure you make the necessary updates to your email footers, business stationery etc regardless of your preferred option; you will have received a list of those items from us to keep things simple!

What about my post?

If you have suppliers that send invoices or statements to our Dunstable address, that I send on to you, please contact them as soon as possible and amend the address to your trading address, or the interim address shown below.

Our Royal Mail redirect from Dunstable to Orton is already in place but will only pick up anything that includes ‘Baranov Associates’ in the address, and we’d hate anything to go astray.

And that’s about it for now! 

Interim Address:       Low Fold Barn, Front Street, Orton, Cumbria, CA10 3RX

Telephone Number: 01768 330 400

If you have any questions about the impact of the move or the details, please ask!

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