Website Refresh!


This week, we put into practice one of the mantras we advocate to clients!

The back story…

I’ve been working on a new website for several months, having first agreed what would be included in the refresh back in December. 

The structure was built, and handed to me to fill some gaps before I would pass it back to the team at Indigo Tree Digital to make it ‘live’.

As an intentionally small team, my spare time to write new copy and make the changes we wanted is limited, and the more I looked, the more I found that we wanted to do, particularly in the new Info Centre.

Finally though, I decided ‘Good is good enough’, and the refreshed site is now live!

What’s changed?

  1. We’ve added an Info Centre

With over 600 blog posts at the start of this project, and over 100 relating to Coronavirus, we needed a better way for visitors to the site to find the ones that were relevant to them. 

Lots of the existing posts were ‘evergreen’, and will offer value for some time, but with the old structure they quickly got lost in the sea of topical articles. 

We hope the new Info Centre has made it much easier to find the posts that you’re interested in.

Split into sections by category, such as trading style, tax type, or management area, there are key evergreen posts and topical posts per category. As you’d expect, some are more populated than others, for example Personal Tax over Company Cars, but we’ll continue to add to them over time. 

I do have a long list of posts that I’d like to add to the Info Centre, but it seemed far more helpful to our audience to get live what we have rather than keep waiting until I was finished!

  1. We’ve added a Glossary

There’s a LOT of jargon within our industry, which we try to avoid as much as we can! It’s inevitable though that you’ll come across accounting terminology, so we’ve built a fairly hefty Glossary to the newly refreshed site.

Do let us know if we’ve missed any jargon that you come across, won’t you?

  1. We’ve changed the format of the News Feed

A simple feed of news posts in publication date order will enable you to pop in and catch up whenever you are able. You can also choose particular categories from the list if you choose to do so, just scroll through the drop down list.

  1. Our Document Transfer Link has moved

You can now access our secure Document Transfer from the footer of any page across the site. Just look for the pink button at the bottom right of the page. You can also still access this link from our emails.

  1. Updated formats, navigation and copy.

We’ve taken the opportunity to adjust the main navigation on the site, to make it easer to move around, and updated a lot of the copy too.

Feedback please!

Having spent so long on the project, I’m really hoping you find the newly refreshed site easy to use and to find your way around. 

If you have any comments, questions or feedback, please let me know

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