Step 1 is complete!

In early March, the Roadmap to bring us out of Lockdown and (hopefully!) remove the last Coronavirus restrictions was announced. This week, we completed Step 1, according to the planned schedule.

From Monday 29th March, the following changes apply:

  • Rule of 6 OR two households can mix outdoors, including private gardens, maintaining social distancing. No indoor mixing of households.
  • Outdoor sport and leisure facilities can reopen.
  • Organised sport allowed outside for both children and adults.
  • Outdoor parent and child groups can meet, with up to 15 parents.
  • Travel should be minimised. No holidays.

As long as the four tests are still met, the next key date will be on or after 12th April, just a couple of weeks away!

At this point, the following changes will apply:

  • Indoor leisure, including gyms open for use by individuals or household groups.
  • Personal Care premises can reopen.
  • All retail can reopen.
  • Outdoor hospitality can reopen, without the need for food to be purchase or a curfew. This must be by table service.
  • Libraries and community centres reopen.
  • Outdoor attractions, including zoos and theme parks can reopen.
  • Self contained accommodation can reopen, without mixing of households.
  • All children’s activities, indoor parent and child groups up to 15 parents can restart.
  • Funeral groups can include up to 30 people, wakes, weddings and receptions up to 15.
  • Working from home where possible should continue. Travel should be minimised, with no international holidays.
  • Event pilots will begin.

This is obviously the date that will make the most difference in terms of businesses being able to reopen, and for us all to get a real sense of normality returning at last.


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