The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest and Business Goals

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It’s April Fool’s Day! Across Europe it’s a day to be wary of unusual news stories, the sudden arrival of unexpected gifts and buckets on top of doors. It’s also the day when one of the best April Fools ever was played on the British Public, prompting even the Director General to wonder where exactly spaghetti grew… It’s also the first day of Quarter 2 of the year. With that in mind, while you’re hiding from the jokers in the family or at work, it’s a great time to check your progress towards achieving your business goals for the year.

  1. Are you where you wanted to be?
  2. Where are you ahead, or where have your goals slipped slightly?
  3. Do you have a clear enough view of the numbers and other KPIs in your business to even know where you are?

The beauty of 1st April is that there is still plenty of time to recover if your progress has slipped a little, and time to make a plan to recover the lost ground. Prompt action now can stem any decline and ensure that any small blips will be forgotten out when we have left the Easter Eggs behind and are thinking about Christmas crackers.

If you’re not sure exactly what you business goals are yet, there is still time to work them through. You’ll need to break them into small steps and devise action plans to ensure you can work steadily over the rest of the year to hit or exceed them. Sadly, by the time we get to Quarter 3, on 1st July, a lot of that available time will have evaporated, so NOW is the time for action!

We can help you work out the action plans, find your numbers and show you how to keep them up to date (easily – we promise!) and can also show you regular reports to help you check on progress without masses of effort. If you’d like to know more, do get in touch. There is no obligation and absolutely no charge to chat things through. You may be pleasantly surprised at how we can make your next quarter review far more enlightening and, very likely, far more positive too!

(By the way, if you’ve never seen it, want a reminder of how convincing the Panorama Spaghetti report was, or just need some light entertainment having reviewed your business goals, you can watch the original video here.)

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