Overcoming Xero’s Bank Feeds issues…

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With the advent of Open Banking, many of Xero’s bank feeds have changed. As a result of the new feeds, several clients have had some issues, so we thought it would be helpful to address those in one place.

Bank Rules

Changes in Xero’s Bank Feeds will change the way the information comes into Xero as well. This means the description that you used to set up your original bank rules may no longer be recognisable to the system. The only way round this is to delete the old bank rules and set up new ones.

Here is a link to Xero’s article on setting up bank rules, in case it’s a while since you’ve done so.

Duplicated records

Because the information that comes in from the bank is in a different format, Xero can’t tell if you’ve received it or not, and may well import lines you’ve already reconciled. You will need to delete the duplicated statement lines.

Here is a link to Xero’s article on the subject.

As ever, if you have any problems with using Xero, please do give us a shout. We’re not experts, but have used the system for a long time, and may well have come across the same problem before.

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