National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage

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The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates will rise on the 1st‌‌ ‌April 2021. From this point all workers aged 23 and over must be paid the National Living Wage or above.

Please make sure that you update your payroll details to take account of theses changes in good time, as well as your cash flow forecasts.

The new rates are as follows:

National Living Wage

23 years old and over  £8.91 per hour

National Minimum Wage

21-22 years old   £8.36 per hour

18-20 years old  £6.56 per hour

Under 18 years old  £4.62 per hour

Apprentice  £4.30 per hour

You can find out more about the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage here.


Autenrolment Pension Contributions

Autoenrolment pension percentages remain unchanged for the new payroll year, with Employees due to contribute 5% and Employers due to contribute 3% of salary unless the employee has opted out.


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