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Anyone who’s read our posts for a while will know how much I hate to see businesses shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to the basic sales process. You’ll have seen it too, businesses failing to follow up, and generally letting sales opportunities fall through your fingers…

Today I’ve got another example of Business Avoidance!

We have a long standing contact that we’ve known for years through the Entrepreneurs Circle. They attend various events and give the impression of wanting to develop their customer base to grow their business. They have a good reputation and we’ve always had a chat and kept in touch.

I approached the director recently, explained what I needed to source, and asked if it was something they could help with. ‘Absolutely!’ came the response, and we agreed how we’d progress matters, and I gave the Director one of my business cards so that he had all of my contact details.

  • He didn’t have a business card with him to give me.

I was eager to get going as I needed the product fairly quickly.

Nearly a week later, I sent him a message to nudge for an update, which came back with apologies and assurances that he’d get on to it. I sent over the answers to a couple of questions, and waited.

  • Sadly, some two weeks further on, I’m still waiting.

Waiting for the examples of similar products they’ve supplied in the past, examples of others they’ve seen, and waiting for the promised quotation.

The urgent need I had for the solution has passed, and I found another way around what I’d discussed with them, without incurring any additional spend.

  • I probably now won’t order the products, so the opportunity has gone.

Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a large order so maybe it was too low on his priority list.

Maybe he didn’t realise that we get asked to recommend suppliers by our clients.

Maybe he just forgot me…

Whatever the reason, a simple, assured order that really needed no sales effort has not gone through his books, and I probably won’t approach him if I have a need in future.

Could this ‘Business Avoidance’ happen in your business?

Please double check, because you really shouldn’t be wasting opportunities to sell to people who are already happy to buy when they approach you!


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