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As we start to think about non-finance related issues to help your business move forward over the coming months, it’s vital to have the right people around you.

As we come out of the Omicron restrictions and move into a more settled period of trading, 66% of employees are reportedly looking to move jobs in the next 12 months.

That’s going to be a huge challenge for businesses.

Yes, you need the right internal team, people with the right attitude, knowledge and ability, but you also need the right wider team too.

Watch this first!

In this video we look at why having the right people around you as a business owner is so important, and how we can help.

(Recorded during the first Lockdown, the content remains as valid as it was then, as there are still challenges around staffing and wider teams, they might just be slightly different!)

How do we help?

These episodes are designed to help your business come through coronavirus as strongly as possible.

Over the other modules of the ‘Rebound’ resources, we’ve covered lots of different subjects, mainly around the financial elements of a business. But in this episode, we wanted to talk about the wider team who can make such an important difference to any business owner.

Our business is called ‘Baranov Associates’ because we consider ourselves an extension of a business owning team.

That could be an individual working on their own, or running a business as the sole owner with a team. Either way, it can be a lonely way to work! There are always decisions to be made, and challenges to face. It could be that there’s a number of directors in a business, which makes life easier in some ways and harder in others!

Either way, we are there to support as well as to supplement any experience or financial knowledge that may be lacking.

But there are also a lot of OTHER people that any business owner could benefit from having on their side.

And that’s really where the ‘Associates’ side of our business name comes from.

Business owners really need to supplement their areas of expertise, so they can concentrate on where they can make the biggest difference.

So we all know we play to our strengths, well, a business owner really needs to be aware of that.

How often do you, or have you,  as a business owner, struggled to get something done that isn’t your area of knowledge? I know we have!

Today I wanted to talk to you about why it’s key to have the right team around you, to supplement your knowledge and experience and enable you to concentrate on those areas that only you can make a real difference to.

Example 1 – HR Advisor

If you have a team, you need an HR expert to be able to call on.

Particularly at the moment with things like furlough! Do you take people back, when do you take people back, how do you take people back?

Perhaps you’re thinking about restructuring your business because with the post COVID landscape, you may not want to take back all of your existing team, or you may need to change roles.

You’re going to need to make sure that you have an HR expert who’s on side, who understands what you’re trying to achieve, who understands the law and the regulations that you’re going to be governed by.

But, and this is the key one, someone who is pragmatic and practical enough to support you and interpret the law, and guide you through the process to get you to your preferred end result.

So you want to make sure that you’ve got somebody like that on the side.

Example 2 – IT Support

At the moment, a lot of people are moving back to office space rather than working from home, but there have been some really scary numbers in the media about the number of cyber attacks that are going on.

Even putting those aside, if you’re considering working from home on an extended basis, or working between home and an office to give people some flexibility to keep the numbers down in any office, you need to make sure that your IT support is on track for that.

How will you know that your infrastructure is secure, robust, that your updates are happening and your backups are right?

Most business owners don’t have the level of technical expertise to be able to do that. You need to make sure that you have somebody on call who can do that and give you the reassurance that your business is absolutely robust from an IT perspective.

Example 3 – Your Website

Your website is your shopfront, more now, perhaps than ever before.

Do you have a web developer who absolutely understands what you want to do, what you’re trying to achieve, and will actually be proactive to help you make sure that you’re doing the right things on your website?

For example, we phoned our web developer as coronavirus really started to hit. We realised we were putting so much information out on the website, but we wanted to make sure that people could find that information really, really easily.

They put us a banner on the top of our homepage and all of our internal pages, so that if anybody landed on one of those pages, they could immediately go to our coronavirus homepage. That acted as a hub for all of the information, all of the schemes, all of the guidance and all of our blog posts.

They knew what we were trying to achieve, they were able to do it, and within 10 minutes of that phone call, they sorted it out for us.

It’s those sorts of people that you need to make sure that you’ve got on speed dial.

Now I could keep going, but I’m sure you’ve got the message from that!

It’s working out who you need to have on speed dial to support you right now so that you can rest assured and have the peace of mind that your business is running properly.

We would suggest that your wider network should include the above, as well as:

  • A financial advisor.
  • An insurance broker / company.
  • Bank Manager.
  • Solicitor.

Can you make that call, trust that you have somebody’s support, to let you go back and concentrate on the business itself?

If you don’t have those sorts of people, then you need to find them.

And if you don’t know where to start, then please do get in touch because we have some very wide networks built up over a number of years, and we have, normally, several options for each category.

So if you’re unsure, or have even a seed of doubt on one of your current suppliers, then please do think about it and think about who you might want to supplement. And if we can help in any way, then please do get in touch.

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