How can call tracking numbers help your business?

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If you’re spending money on any kind of marketing, you need to know whether it’s working to be able to decide whether to continue the activity – or not. That’s where call tracking numbers come in!

A really simple way to improve your understanding of your business, call tracking numbers are also really simple to set up. They’re also very cost effective, so there’s really no reason NOT to use them.

What benefits do call tracking numbers bring?

  1. Avoid wasting money on marketing that isn’t working.
  2. See which media are most effective for you.
  3. Advertise a local number in an area to gain more business.
  4. Advertise a landline number instead of a mobile.
  5. Allow flexibility in how incoming calls are handled.
  6. Look bigger than you are, using a landline tracking number that calls your mobile.
  7. See when your busy times are, or when calls are being missed.

How do call tracking numbers work?

  • Choose a call tracking number, and decide which number you want it to ring through to, which could be your mobile, a landline, your answering service etc.
  • Set the target for the tracking number on the online portal, without any additional equipment being needed.
  • Use the tracking number on your marketing and wait for the phone to ring.
  • Use the analytics to see which pieces of marketing are making your phone ring and save money on those that don’t!

Are they expensive?

We use a company called Invoco for our tracking numbers, although there are other suppliers in the market, and the answer is NO, they aren’t expensive!

Invoco have a monthly fee per number, and then a cost per minute depending on where the number transfers to. Other providers may charge more.

Setting up call tracking is certainly cheaper than prolonged marketing that isn’t working!

Do we need any other equipment?

Again, the answer here is a resounding ‘no’. All of the set-up is done online and the tracking number just ‘overlays’ your usual number.

Is it complicated to set up call tracking numbers?

No, the whole process is completed online and it’s super-easy. Your first numbers may take 24 hours to be come active but any subsequent numbers become active within around five minutes.

Can my callers tell that it’s not my real number?

No, callers can’t tell any difference at all, as calls are seamlessly transferred from the tracking number to your target number. There are no clicks or changes of ringtone at the caller’s end.

We’ve used call tracking numbers for many years and would wholeheartedly recommend them. Our mainline number is actually a tracking number that rings our mobiles, allowing us to answer your calls from wherever we may be. We’ve also used call tracking numbers to monitor our marketing efforts in the past, and have been able to refine our decisions as a result. Why not find out more today and stop guessing what’s working?


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