HMRC issue scam warning!

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HMRC have issued a warning to taxpayers after a widely reported phone call scam. The caller claims to be from HMRC and threatens legal action agains the taxpayer if an urgent payment isn’t made.

With the looming deadline of 31st January for payment of any personal tax due, the opportunity for this scam to cause confusion is clear.

However, HMRC have confirmed that they will NOT be making such calls, and that anyone receiving one should terminate the call immediately.

Anyone receiving such a scam call can report it by emailing including the following details:

  1. The date the call was received
  2. The number used
  3. The content of the call

Please remember that if you are a client of ours, HMRC should know that we are your agents and contact us, so you can refer any such calls to us if you are in any way unsure.

Do not feel pressured into releasing any personal data or making any type of payment.

Similarly, the more familiar scam emails promising tax refunds in return for completing a form with your bank details are surfacing again. As above, if you receive one, please delete it.

HMRC will NOT email taxpayers.

If you are unsure, again, please do get in touch or forward the email to us at .

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