Furlough Scheme deadline and repayments

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This is your monthly reminder that your claims for the furlough scheme for January must be claimed by 15th February!

Alongside that reminder, it’s important that you know how to repay any incorrect claims you may have made under the scheme. We know that HMRC are already investigating claims, looking for fraudulent or erroneous applications, and we’ve encouraged you to make sure that your claims are reviewed to make sure that they are accurate.

If you’ve over claimed…

If you’ve overclaimed a grant and have not repaid it, you must notify HMRC by the latest of (one of the following):

  • 90 days after the date you received the grant you were not entitled to
  • 90 days after the date you received the grant that you were no longer entitled to keep because your circumstances changed

If you don’t do this, you may receive a penalty.

How can you repay an over claimed amount?

If you’ve over claimed, or decide that you don’t need to claim the support after all, you have two options.

  1. You can reduce the amount of your next claim by the amount you need to repay.
  2. Contact HMRC to get a payment reference number and repay the amount within 30 days. This option assumes you won’t be making any further claims. There is an online service to get a reference number, which you can access from here. Once you have the reference number, you can make your payment using the bank details below, or by debit card or corporate credit card.

Bank details:

  • HMRC Cumbernauld
  • Sort Code: 08-32-10
  • Account Number: 12001039

Your payment won’t be traceable if you use an incorrect reference so please be careful!

As we’ve mentioned before, please be sure to keep clear and accurate records of any claims you make under the Furlough Scheme. HMRC are going to ask questions, and it’s important that you can provide justification of the amounts claimed. They have stated that they will not be looking for innocent errors in their reviews, so its important to be able to prove that any error they find fall into this category!


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