Furlough Payments are coming!

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One of the biggest concerns for many clients and business owners over the last few weeks has been affording to keep their teams intact and to find the cash for payroll.

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was the Government’s solution, but we know many business owners were struggling to cover March and April’s payrolls.

HMRC’s portal was therefore a welcome arrival last Monday,  and we were eager for our clients to be ready to submit their claims as quickly as possible, to be one of the first to receive their furlough payments.

We were still wary though over whether the claims would actually pay out within the six working days that were promised. Would it all work as planned, or would the process fail at the last hurdle? HMRC’s track record wasn’t the best, and the portal had been far more robust than we’d expected…

The good news is that we’re hearing of furlough payments hitting clients’ bank accounts this morning, so it’s working!

The first payments, arriving today, are those where the claims went in on Monday 20th April, so if you’re waiting for a payment, you should be able to work out when yours will arrive from there.

If you’re a client, please do let us know when funds hit your account won’t you?


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