FSB launches Mental Health Guide…

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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is a not-for-profit membership organisation that exists to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions. They recently published a guide to help the 5.7 million small businesses owners and self employed across the UK create workplaces that promote good mental health.

The guide includes advice and tips to build the right working environment. It also includes links to other organisations who will provide more detailed information and advice.

In recent years, the stigma around mental health has reduced, but there is still along way to go. Those that set up their own businesses talk about all of the positives of doing so, but few discuss the resulting pressures.

This guide aims to further reduce the reluctance from all of us to talk about mental health in business. Only by doing so will we encourage people to speak out, to seek help and to gain the support that could make so much difference.

What does the guide include?

It gives information about the types of challenges that can be faced, and some stories from sufferers. It also talks about the Mental Health First Aid England Training that’s available. The related website includes a range of resources that could be really useful to look through.

The Mental Health at Work Employer Gateway is another source of information and resources covered, alongside many others.


Over the years we’ve been aware of a number of business owners who haven’t sought help until they started to really struggle with their own mental health. Hopefully that reluctance is starting to reduce, as the taboo around the subject reduces, but this guide looks like a great source of information whether for yourself or for your wider team.

As the Mental Health First Aid England website says, mental health costs UK employers £34.9 BILLION each and every year. This has to change, for the sake of our businesses and for our own good health. We’d strongly recommend you download the guide now.

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