Our Freedom Day Update!


Monday 19th July was billed as ‘Freedom Day’, when the last of the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted in England. You’ll have seen the many updates from retailers and hospitality venues around the country, warning of how they’re going to operate from here on. And if you’re like me, your inbox will have been full of updates too!

So what are we going to do?

Our stance is staying the same for now, with all meetings staying online, for a range of reasons.

  • Increasing case numbers and the predictions of yet another wave to come in the Autumn doesn’t fill us with confidence that we can avoid Covid indefinitely.
  • We’re such a small team, that we can’t risk our own health. We have a responsibility to our clients, and having no team who can take over if we’re ill means we need to be well to hit their deadlines!
  • Staying virtual means we can maximise our efficiency and meet with different people in the course of a day. Given the extra conversations we’re still having around reopening, finance and business continuity, often at short notice, that’s really helpful for us to maintain our momentum on the ‘day to day’ work too.
  • As you’re aware, Chris’s Dad has been very poorly recently, and will need our continued support for some time. We can’t do that without seeing him, and need to keep any risk of transmission as low as possible. My Mum is immunosuppressed, so again, we want to make sure we can see her without risking her health.
  • We’ve been doing all of our meetings through Zoom or Microsoft Teams since March 2020, and they have worked really well. Clients are happily more receptive than ever to using the software that we’ve been using for years!

As life continues to normalise, we will of course keep this decision under review. In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss anything around your affairs, please do get in touch; we’re absolutely still here to help!


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