December Payroll Guidance from HMRC

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If you are an employer who is planning to pay your team earlier than usual this month, you can benefit from a temporary relaxation of HMRC’s Real Time reporting.

Employers usually have to submit their payroll information to HMRC via real time information (RTI) on or before the date of payment. It is possible for HMRC to weave this rule if the usual payment date falls off a weekend or Bank Holiday, causing employers to pay either early or late.

Previously, the requirement has been waived, but the notifications have been issued too late for most employers to be aware and to take advantage. This year the notification has come out in time for employers to do so.

If you’re unsure whether this may affect you, please refer to your payroll provider as quickly as possible. With a short month to process everything, and the potential for amendments to include any bonuses that may be awarded, they are likely to be very busy this month.

If your payment date is usually the 31st December, you will be required to submit as usual, as this is not a Bank Holiday, so be careful!

Whilst we don’t process payrolls internally, if it’s something you would like to delegate for next year, please get in touch. We can introduce you to our payroll partners who look after many of our clients.


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