Companies House announces 3 month accounts filing deadline extension

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Companies House has announced a 3 month accounts filing deadline extension to help companies avoid late filing penalties in the wake of Coronavirus.

Businesses that are dealing with the impact of Coronavirus are being granted an extension to the filing deadline from today, 25th March.

How will this work?

Companies will need to apply for the extension. Any companies mentioning issues around COVID-19 will automatically be granted an extension.

Applications can be made online and will take no more than 15 minutes.

What to consider…

If you’re very quiet as the UK is in lockdown, it may be better to get your accounts prepared as soon as you can after your year end. That will give you the best possible picture of where the business is, and enable you to focus on preparation for a post-virus relaunch.

If you are intending to apply for any kind of finance to enable you to come through the current situation, you will be asked for accounts. The more up to date those figures are, the more likely  your application is to be successful.

Apply in good time if you and your accountant feel an extension is of benefit to your business.

How to apply?

You must apply for the accounts filing deadline extension before your usual deadline.

Follow this link to apply. If you’re a client of ours, we’ll do this for you once we’ve discussed the benefits with you; one less thing for you to worry about!

If you’re unsure whether this would be helpful for you, please get in touch.


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