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Companies House closed its public counters in Cardiff, London, Belfast and Edinburgh during the pandemic and has now announced that they will not reopen.

A statement from Companies House said: ‘Working with customers, we’ve put new ways in place to submit documents, enhancing our digital offering and reducing reliance on public counters. As we continue to transform our services to provide a truly modern and digital service, it’s been decided that our public counters will not re-open.’

The London office of Companies House will close permanently, and the main headquarters in Cardiff will be its primary location.

Digital filing, which we complete on behalf of all of our clients, is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has meant that demand for physical locations has dropped dramatically. Most Companies House staff now work on a hybrid basis.

Digital filing is, in the main, far more secure than paper filing, and it is this fact that has driven the reduction in the need for the public counters.

An important element of digital filing is the Companies House PROOF scheme, of which we are firm advocates. You can find out more about the scheme in this post, but if you have a Limited Company, there really is little reason NOT to sign up. (If you’re a client of ours, we’ll already have registered you, so you don’t need to worry!)

If you have any questions about PROOF, online filing or anything else relating to Companies House, please get in touch. We’re here to help!

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