Are you lucky or brave?

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I’m often told I’m ‘lucky’, but I think that says more about other people! Often being brave could make other people just as lucky… What do I mean? Watch this to find out!


Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax, and to help your business grow.

I was talking to somebody the other day at a meeting about video. We’d heard a lot of stats about the importance of video and this person turned around to me and said, “You’re so lucky. You’re so lucky that you’re happy and comfortable in front of the camera.” I laughed, because if anyone’s watched a few of them they’ll know a lot of them are recorded here in my office; a lot of them are recorded out and about, but wherever I record them, there is just me and my camera.

  • I don’t have anyone holding the camera, because I would be too self conscious.
  • I don’t watch these videos back, and essentially they are just recorded, edited, and sent.

I have a sense of detachment from them, but I do them because I know they make a difference to us.

They did in the last business, and I was asked shortly after we started up whether I would be doing my videos again. I kind of thought, “Yup, I probably do need to.” so, I needed to bite the bullet and start them.

They’ve made a really big difference to the business. People feel as if they know me, and when I meet people, they recognise me, and it’s building the relationship between us and our clients.

I’m popping up in your inbox every week and I’m online, and talking about ways of people improving their businesses, getting more leads, improving their marketing, and demystifying accounts and tax for people in a very personal way.

Some of the stats we heard at the event were that 84% of content that come across in a video is retained, as compared to only 11% if it’s absorbed from written it’s read from text. There’s a massive difference between 84% and 11%, so, video does make a massive difference.

But this episode isn’t just about me and our videos.

This episode is about getting brave.

Every business owner got brave at one point because they decided not to go into employment and to set up on their own.

That’s a huge step, so if you’ve been brave enough to take that sort of step, you’re brave enough to take that next step, whether it’s recording videos, or whether it’s phoning somebody from your dream list and asking them for a meeting.

Whatever it might be that’s holding you back, you ARE brave enough to do it.

You just need to take that bravery pill, take a deep breath, and make that call, or whatever it may be.

So, today’s episode is around bravery, and if you’re not sure that you’ll actually have the discipline to maintain that momentum once you’ve started, make yourself accountable.

  • That could be friends or family.
  • It could be your team.
  • It could be us.

Whoever it needs to be, whoever you want to feel good about you. You need to tell them, “This is what I’m going to do.”, and then prove to them that you’re doing it.

Once you get into a habit, it does become easier!

Someone said to me, “I would never know what to say in a weekly video.” Until you start doing it, you don’t necessarily come up with the ideas, but when you know you’ve got to come up with something, you will. Your antenna gets tuned in, and you start to see things; you start to hear things.

I talked about a film recently. I talk about things that happen to us, you think ‘actually that’s a really good message’. Some of them are better than others, I know that! I can tell from the comments and the interactions that I get and the number of views we get online. But it is just that self discipline and actually doing them, and being brave enough to make the start.

So, my question this week is ‘What’s holding you back?’

What’s really holding you back? Is it something tangible, or is it just you, in here, going “I can’t do it”?

Because you can.

So get brave. Stop getting in your own way. Let me know what you’re getting brave about, because I’d love to find out, and I’ll see you all very soon!

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