Are you asking the right questions?

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We were in the Apple Store in Milton Keynes at the weekend on a fact-finding mission. We’re considering upgrading our mobile phones and wanted to ask some questions about the various options. What we found out was that Apple have some great people on their team!

Our questions revolved around battery time and the camera functionality on the XR, so amidst the hubbub of Christmas shoppers, we found one of the Apple team.

But she didn’t answer our questions…

…instead, she asked lots of her own:

  1. What phones do we have at the moment?
  2. What do we use them for?
  3. Why were we thinking of changing them?
  4. What improvements were we looking for?

All of the questions worked to give her a proper understanding of what we REALLY needed.

I use my phone very differently to how Chris uses his (BaranovTV and social media do that to you!) so she wanted to check that we’ll both be pleased with our choices. She also realised that we knew nothing about Apple’s support for businesses. We don’t have a business account and have been missing out on complimentary support.

Or rather we were…

We’ve now been put in contact with Apple’s Business Team, who will link our existing devices to the new account. They’ll help us move from our existing MacBook Airs to new ones in the New Year, with a free one to one session in store.

It’s amazing what can come out of asking the right questions before you answer one from a potential customer, and really listening to the results. 

If the Apple team member had answered our original questions, we would have come away satisfied. Instead, because we were asked numerous other questions, we came away confident that we will buy the right products for us and super-impressed about their service.


Are you asking the right questions in your business, or are you just answering the questions you’re being asked? There could be a significant difference between the two…

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