The calculation of payrolls, whether weekly, monthly or annually, for one or dozens of staff or just for Directors, is subject to a raft of rules and regulations which are constantly changing and evolving and which can be one of the most emotive to deal with. It’s essential that business owners have complete faith that the processing of their payroll is completed accurately, promptly and to take account of all aspects of the regulations.

The more people a business employs, the more likely it is of course that matters such as Minimum Wage, State Maternity Benefit, Paternity Pay, new starters, leavers, Statutory sick pay, holiday adjustments, commissions, expenses and a range of other amendments and schemes become relevant.

At Baranov Associates, though we keep up to date with payroll legislation, we do not process payrolls internally.

We have identified a specialist payroll bureau who will seamlessly take care of all of the adjustments, processing and administration for our clients. This allows our clients the peace of mind that their team are receiving all that they should in a very cost effective way. It also allows us to focus on the areas where we can provide most value whilst dealing with any issues or queries that may arise and managing the process on your behalf. Our colleagues at the payroll bureau are able to act for you in exactly the same way as if they were sitting in our office, with you having at least two named contacts to speak to and a designated telephone number and email address, purely for the use of our clients.

It’s not just us who think they’re good at what they do. We recently received an email including the following client comment about the bureau we’ve chosen to partner with:

‘I had a very nice conversation with Sue from [the bureau] this afternoon and we’re getting the Payroll organised too. She was very helpful and professional, thank you for having her as part of your team!’

Any talk of payroll would be incomplete without mention of P11ds, which are processed by us. Much of the information required can be collected at the point that we prepare the accounts, streamlining the process.

As any business grows, payroll can become an increasingly time consuming headache to manage, which is further complicated by Autoenrolment. The ongoing Autenrolment administration can be dealt with by our payroll colleagues, alternatively they are equally able to work with a third party; they are as flexible as we are, and able to design the process that suits you.

Why not talk to us now to find a solution that gives you the peace of mind to know that your payroll will be right first time, every time?


How much does a new employee cost? It’s a question we’re often asked, but the answer may be less than you’d think!


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