A new way to collect Reviews!


We live in an increasingly digital age, and one where peer review is ever more important. There are review sites for every industry, and as business owners we know we should be trying to collect reviews. We were put to shame recently by a plumber who did some work for us, whose approach for collecting reviews was totally new to me.

The beautiful thing was that it was also very simple, but very effective!

The best time to collect a positive review is when you’ve just completed your work, and your customer is full of enthusiasm for your service or product. We should all have a system to collect reviews at that point, and Mark the Plumber has!

As a Xero user, we had his invoice for the work he completed before he had loaded his tools back into his van. That invoice came out with a covering email, which very politely asked us to please leave him a review, and gave us the link to do so. It then went on to give details of the amount to be paid.

Speaking to Mark, he receives a review from roughly every ten customers. That’s a great hit rate, and gives a regular flow of reviews being added to his profile, and gaining him extra business.

If you’re struggling to collect reviews that for your business, adopting a similar, regular and automatic approach may be a really smart move!


Incidentally, if you’d like to leave us a review, we’d be really grateful! You can do that here. Thank you in advance!


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