Why do I need Xero training?

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Why do I need Xero training? This is a question we hear quite a lot, and the answer is that you don’t necessarily need it at all, BUT there are some serious benefits to be gained!

Both Xero and Quickbooks provide live and online training options, with online support too. Both options are really helpful to new users, allowing them to become familiar with the packages. When you get to a certain point though, it can be useful to have a more in depth and tailored session to really build the system that works for your business.

  • You don’t want to be wasting time on processes that aren’t relevant.
  • Too much detail being recorded can be worse than not enough, as it chokes the system and is a distraction to all involved.
  • Without the right information coming out of the system, decisions are being made ‘blind’.
  • If the processing has been delegated, it can be hard to provide the support to the responsible team member to help them be as efficient as possible, and they can quickly feel isolated and frustrated.

So what should be considered for a tailored Xero training session?

  1. Review of the existing processes in use. Where are the obvious ‘quick wins’ to save time and effort? Are the more obvious parts of each system being fully utilised?
  2. Are the available shortcuts and add-on Apps being fully utilised? With hundreds of Apps now available, it can be hard to know which would be beneficial.
  3. What are the day to day frustrations of the existing users? These are key to identifying the bottle-necks and hurdles your team are dealing with, many of which can be quickly overcome.
  4. What are the frustrations of the business owner? Are they getting the level of detail they need? Are they getting anything at all, or are they drowning under too much detail? A tour of the standard reporting functionality can usually identify the key reports that are needed and relevant.

The real benefit of sitting down for a one-to-one Xero training session is the personal involvement of someone who understands the detailed workings of your system. The ideal situation is that they also understand your business, the challenges you’re facing and your goals for the future. Then your session can be finely tuned to exactly match those to your processes.

Where does your Xero training take place?

This is usually up to you! We recommend any training takes place in a quiet, undisturbed venue, but we can be flexible. If location allows, our kettle is usually on, so we’d be happy to hold the session at our home office, or at a location of your choice, whichever is easiest. If distance makes that more difficult, we can discuss options with you. Virtual training works just as well in many ways, so if location or external circumstances make that more practical, that’s fine with us!

How long does a training session last?

Again, this will depend on what you are hoping to achieve, and the level of knowledge and experience already held. We aim to build a solid foundation for the user, rather than brain overload!

For most users, half a day (3 hours) is plenty for the new information to be retained, but a full day (6 hours with a half hour break) is possible.

Similarly for a relatively new user, we would possibly suggest the half day session be split into two, to allow time for reinforcement of the first half before the second is completed.

With online training, we’d split a 3 hour session in two to allow for a comfort break and for all parties to move away from the screen for a break.

What if I just need to ask some questions, and only need an hour?

We can also provide pre-booked, hourly online consultancy, just let us know you’d like to book something into the diary.

That all sounds great, but what does each session cost?

Half day, excluding travel time and costs – from £350+VAT

Full day, excluding travel time and costs – from £700+VAT

Pre-booked hourly sessions – from £165+VAT

All training is provided by Chris, who is a fully certified user of both Xero and Quickbooks, with many years’ experience of helping clients get the most from their systems with the minimum effort! Previous clients have found significant efficiencies from the investment of time in tailored training.

If you’d like to know more, would like to arrange a session for your team, or have specific questions around either of the systems above or any other please get in touch; we’re happy to have a no obligation chat to start with.

Please note that whilst we prefer Xero and Quickbooks, we can help with many other systems too, including SageOne, FreeAgent, Sage and others!

Watch the video below to hear how we helped Sarah move her business from Sage onto Xero, and how pleased she is with the outcome!

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