We’re staying virtual – here’s why…

As the majority of the business community reopens, we’ve decided this week to stay in a strictly virtual world for a little longer. There are a various reasons for the decision, which I’ve listed below…


We’re an intentionally small team of two, with no plans to recruit or expand. For our clients, that’s a good thing, because they know they usually get to speak to one of us whenever they call. There’s no being passed around between team members, and no need to keep repeating themselves.

At the moment though, we’re focusing on the continuity for our business AND for our clients’ business, by protecting our team to ensure we’re here to help.

Without a team who could carry on should we fall ill, we need to keep our health uppermost as clients’ deadlines still need to be met!


Having spent a LOT of time since March researching, translating and advising around the myriad different schemes and supports that have been announced, we now need to recover some ground on the ‘day to day’ work that hasn’t got done.

One of the easiest ways to make sure we’re able to be as efficient as possible is to make the very best use of our time. Staying virtual lets us do that.


Life might be getting back to some semblance of normal, but the reality is that there are still lots of challenges to come for business owners. That means we want to be available for our clients when they need us.

If we’re not travelling between clients, we can be available pretty quickly, other appointments depending of course. Just yesterday, Chris had Zoom calls with three clients. They may not have been face to face, but Zoom (or Teams etc) get pretty close. Not having to travel meant that Chris could see all three clients in the day, as well as speaking to others on the phone.

We want to ensure that we can offer the same level of support over the coming months that we have between March and now, and we believe staying virtual will enable us to do that.


We’ve offered a huge amount of extra support and advice for clients in extraordinary times without making any additional charges. We’ve also been able to suspend many clients’ monthly Direct Debits where it was helpful.

Whilst we’ve been very happy to do this, we now need to keep our own costs in check, and again, being virtual helps.


As life continues to normalise, we will of course keep this decision under monthly review. In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss anything around your affairs, please do get in touch; we’re absolutely still here to help!

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