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Limited Company,

There are many risks when you run a company, but there are simple, and free, ways to reduce some of them and gain some peace of mind. Companies House offers two services that we believe every company owner should make use of. The first is PROOF, and the second is the e-reminders scheme.

The life of a business owners is a busy one! There are always lots of distractions and calls on your time, and it can be hard to hit all of your deadlines. This scheme reduces the risk of you missing key deadlines with Companies House, and again, is entirely free.

What is the danger?

Missing your filing deadline for your accounts can be expensive. Penalties start at £150 if you miss the deadline by up to a month, rising quickly to £1,500 if your accounts are more than six months late. Miss the deadline for a second year, and the usual fees are doubled. The ultimate penalty is that your company can be struck from the register if you don’t file your accounts or confirmation statement. You can see more about the penalties for late filing here.

What can you do?

Register for E-reminders, which sends you prompts before key deadlines, including the run-up to your year end, and the approach of your filing deadline. You can register up to four email addresses, so you can include your accountant, bookkeeper or co-director. Share the load and you’re less likely to miss the key dates.

How do you register?

Follow this link to Companies House, and the simple steps to join the scheme. You’ll receive an email from Companies House that will need to verify the email address you’ve registered, then you’re done.

We would strongly recommend that every company should be registered to both schemes. All of our clients are automatically registered for both schemes as part of our onboarding process, as there are simply no downsides.

Our own email address is also added to the E-reminders for each client. Whilst we don’t like to work against deadlines, it’s always useful to receive the reminders.

If you suspect fraudulent activity against a company you can report it to Companies House.

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