More details around Furlough and the Self Employed Income Support Scheme

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Rishi Sunak gave the daily briefing last Thursday and explained the forthcoming changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (the Furlough Scheme) and an extension to the Self Employed Income Protection Scheme.

Since that point, a few extra details are worth emphasising, as follows:

  1. You cannot furlough any one new after 10th June 2020. This has not been entirely clear across the media, so we wanted to make sure everyone is fully aware of that key date. If they have not been furloughed prior to that point, you cannot furlough them.
  2. To bring people back part-time from 1st July, you will need to submit data on the usual hours they would be expected to work in a claim period and the actual hours work. You will need to keep very clear records to support your claims.
  3. Full details around the second claim under the Self Employed Income Scheme will be available from 12th June.
  4. You have until the 13th July to submit a first claim under the scheme, but you do NOT have to have submitted a first claim to claim in August; the Treasury feels that it’s entirely feasible that some self employed people have not felt the effects of the virus before that point.

If you’re unsure of how these latest changes affect your business, please get in touch.

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