Key Tax Dates for Individuals

Personal Tax,

The tax year is like Groundhog Day, in that it constantly repeats, so there are some key tax dates that are important every year.

In this brief post we’re looking at what and when those are.

31st January

The filing date for your online Self Assessment Tax Return each year.

The payment due date for your balancing payment for the tax year ending 5th April of the previous year, together with any first payment on account that may be needed for the current tax year.

You can use our help sheet to check How to Pay your Tax Bill. This post also explains why to do if you can’t make your payment when it falls due.

31st July

The payment date for your second payment on account for the tax year that finished on the 5th April.

Submit your Personal Tax Return information to us for the year ended 5th April by this date each year so we can start work on your Tax Return in good time. Check what information we’ll need.

5th October

The deadline for notifying HMRC of a new income stream, such as business income, if you’re not already part of the Self Assessment system. This will also prompt HMRC to send you a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) that we’ll need for submitting your Tax Return.

You can use this link to Register for Self Assessment.

30th December

The filing deadline for your online Self Assessment Tax Return if you want to pay up to £3,000 through your tax code next year, rather than in a lump sum.

If you’re struggling to meet any of these key tax dates, or are unsure of whether you need to, please get in touch; we’ll happily explain and help!

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