How is an Outsourced FD different to an Accountant?


How is an Outsourced FD different to an Accountant? Given that we can offer both services, the dividing line can be blurred! In reality, there are key differences between the services provided as an Outsourced FD (Finance Director) and a typical Accountancy service.


  • Record and process the historical transactions of the business, often many months after they take place.
  • Tell you what happened in the business, when it’s too late to change it.
  • Save you tax.
  • Worry solely about statutory deadlines.

Outsourced FDs:

  • Look at the financial management and processes within the business, often on a weekly or monthly basis, providing rapid advice that can make significant difference to a business before problems arise.
  • Look forward, to forthcoming situations, opportunities and ensures the financial success of the business.
  • Improve your profits.
  • Are concerned about the overall financial health of the business.

Having said all of that, our standard Accountancy Service occupies a middle ground between the two extremes!

  • We don’t concentrate purely on the historical facts and figures, but use those as a starting point to look forward to offer suggestions for how you can improve those results for the future.
  • We don’t only appear at year end, offering year round access to our knowledge and experience, at no extra cost, to enable clients to ask questions and gain advice when they need it without fear of increased bills as a result.

If you’d like to know how our Outsourced FD services can help your business, or the other ways in which our Accountancy Services differ to ‘the norm’ get in touch now. We’d love to have a chat! For far less than the cost of an internal FD you can have access to our brand ranging experience and knowledge to make a tangible difference to your business, until you get to the point where you need a full time, internal resource.

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