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HMRC offers a range of webinars that are free to access. Many of these are repeated during the year, but there are also recordings available of many of the webinars, that may be more convenient to watch than the next live version.

To follow is a list of those that are likely to be of the most interest:

Getting started as an employer – A playlist of videos that explains your new responsibilities as an employer. 

Employer filing obligations – Find out about FPS and EPS Submissions, exceptions and key dates for your new payroll.

Expenses & Benefits – Company cars, vans and fuel – For employers whose employees and directors have private use of a company car or van.

Employees with more than one workplace – This webinar is for employers with employees who travel to more than one workplace, the 24 month rule, the 40% test and the effect these have on Tax and National Insurance.

Employee Travel – This webinar explains the rules around reimbursing employees for travel costs, travel and subsistence, mileage payments, the records you need to keep and when they need to be reported.

Phones, internet and homeworking – An overview of the tax and National Insurance rules where you provide employees with a mobile phone (or reimburse the use of a personal phone) broadband in the employees home, or pay towards it, or homeworking expenses.

Social Functions and parties – An explanation of the tax and National Insurance treatment of annual social functions for employees, including how to ensure they’re exempt from National Insurance and tax and reporting, and PAYE settlements.

As ever, if you’re in any way unsure of any of the above, please get in touch! Knowing the theory is great, and can help you feel more confident, but the application for your business or for one particular employee may be slightly less obvious, so feel free to ask. We’re here to help!

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