Central Beds Council Business Support Grants now open!


We’ve received notification from Central Bedfordshire Council that applications are now open for the first of two new COVID-19 Business Support Grants.

As we’ve reported previously, these are aimed at businesses who’ve been forced to close by the Lockdown regulations, and who pay business rates. A second scheme to support other businesses who’ve been ordered to temporarily close or have been badly affected by the pandemic is expected to open shortly.

Central Beds have said: ‘These grants are different in nature to the previous ones and are intended to help meet regular fixed costs.

The Government has set the rules for the first scheme but is allowing us to tailor the second much more closely to the Central Bedfordshire economy. As well as covering those businesses which effectively pay their business rates in their rent, we will be able to offer financial support to other sectors, badly hit by the pandemic and the restrictions, but not directly required to close.

This inevitably makes setting up the second scheme a much more complex and rather lengthier process than simply following a set of rules set by Government. Nevertheless we expect to have that scheme open for applications soon.’

You can find more information and make your application here.

Not in Central Bedfordshire? Please look at your local council website for more details, or speak to the Business Rates department for details of how to find out more. Don’t leave it too late and miss out!

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