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The Diderot Effect – making the social phenomenon work for you!

What’s the Diderot Effect, and what impact could it have to a 21st Century business? It’s all in this week’s video! Denis Diderot was an 18th Century philosopher, but his experiences are still relevant to our own lives, and to those of our customers and clients today. It’s our job to take the Diderot Effect […]

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Plastic Bag Tax charge changes coming…

The fee for plastic shopping bags in England will be doubled to 10 pence and extended to all shops from April 2021. Small retailers, those employing 250 people or fewer, will no longer be exempt, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said. According to Defra, since the charge was first introduced in […]

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£15bn annual hit to GDP through Working From Home

Research from PwC has shown that UK GDP could be hit by £15.3billion every year if pandemic levels of working from home continue. Employees are already being encouraged to return to offices, but the results of this research are likely only to strengthen those calls. The figure arises mainly from a reduction in consumption by […]

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5-10% of Furlough payments were incorrect…

HMRC’s permanent secretary, Jim Harra yesterday told the Public Accounts Committee he estimates 5-10% of furlough cash has been incorrectly paid out. This equates to anything between £1.7 – 3.54 billion, given that the scheme has so far cost the Government £35.4 billion. That total will still rise before the scheme is withdrawn at the […]

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COVID-19 Funding – Please read!

We’ve been talking to clients about their funding around Coronavirus since CBILS were first mentioned during the Spring Budget on March 11th. There have been SO many developments that it seems to have been a subject that has been running for years rather than months! BUT it’s been running for so long, and has been […]

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Planning the next six months from your Lockdown results…

Lockdown and the events of the last few months have repeatedly, and understandably, been called ‘unprecedented’. No-one could have predicted the impact of Coronavirus on businesses up and down the country. What we can do now though, is make sure that we look at the effect those circumstances have had, and use the information to […]

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