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Effective Strategic planning can transform the performance of a business, if only because it focuses the minds of the owners, managers or the wider team on the targets and goals for the coming years.

Any ‘drifting’ or unfocused activity should stop, and all efforts should be clearly focussed on bringing The Plan to reality. As with a rudderless ship, a business without a clear Strategic Plan could end up anywhere!

The posts and articles in this section of our Information Centre do have some overlap with the Planning section, as we’ve explained on that page. The primary difference between the two subjects is purely the duration of the plan they create, so there will always be some elements that apply to both activities.

Creating a Strategic Plan for a business for the first time can be challenging, particularly if there are several stakeholders. Reconciling differing agendas can be tricky, particularly where those differences may be significant. In this situation, some diplomatic facilitation can be all that’s needed!

Once you have your plan though, it’s important to keep it alive, with regular reviews, and potentially updates to it as the economic landscape changes, or the business develops or contracts. It should be a living plan, that you work towards, but not so rigid that it becomes unattainable.

We’re very happy to explain further of the posts in this or the Planning section provoke questions or uncertainty; please just get in touch!

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